Introducing Xemana

Greenside Janitorial Supply now proudly distributes the new app-based training platform, Xemana. Xemana is an easy-to-use app for companies with large Hispanic blue-collar workforces. The app uses entertaining videos to engage and motivate workers. Xemana is the first of its kind and is a new direction in workforce education.

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Effective lessons

Lessons are entirely visual - using brief, funny videos with known Spanish-speaking actors to deliver key training points in ways that are memorable and sure to resonate.

Efficient testing

Video lessons are followed by quick, effective tests which cement employees’ comprehension and retention. Wrong answers send the worker back to the video, while correct answers are rewarded with badges and awards.

Analytics and training records

Xemana training is managed through a simple dashboard that tracks the company’s progress - providing analytics and a permanent record of training for teams and individual employees.

Easy to use

Xemana is simple and intuitive for workers and supervisors -  reducing the costs associated with classroom training — and its available for a license fee even small companies can afford.

Contact us for more information on how we can get Xemana into the pockets of your employees.

Xemana is a valuable training platform that augments our existing employee manual & training program. The immediate dashboard reporting and analytics tightens the loop between the front line team members and Human Resources.
— Paul Lima // Moreno & Associates, Inc. // Director of Operations and Development